The Post No One Wanted, Especially Me

Well, this is it.

As my more long-term readers know, I started this blog during a bout with unemployment back in 2009. I’ve risen to some kind of prominence and been acknowledge by several authors whose books I’ve reviewed on this site, most notably Cait Murphy (Crazy ’08) and Marty Appel (Pinstripe Empire).

My life has also gone through some wild uphevals since then. I’ve been slowed by a return to my hometown, a couple of jobs, and other things I wanted to try writing. Well, none of that compares to what’s going on in my own personal life right now. One day, I snapped and realized that the starving part of being a starving artist sucked exceptionally hard, and it was something I wanted no part of. So after re-evaluating my life and giving a little thought to my situation, this past year I made the decision to enroll in the University of Buffalo to study Exercise Science, full time, possibly as a prerequisite to another area of study to follow. UB took me.

Its now been eight years since my last tour of duty through academia, and I’m being so thrown off by the return to routine that with everything I’m learning in my classes, it feels like a shrapnel bomb went off in my head. I knew going in that I would have to make sacrifices, and one of them is unfortunately this blog. I will still keep it up – hell, I have a part-by-part review of Ken Burns’s Baseball to finish. Unfortunately, it leaves me virtually no time to read, analyze, and review baseball literature the way I once did.

I’ve enjoyed writing this blog, and I’ve learned some truly interesting things about baseball. Now I have to work to let in other subjects like calculus and human nutrition. Trying to do both at my age (32) is something that might leave a lot of clutter in my head, so I have to keep my priorities straight. And let’s face it, as much as we love to debate whether Ty Cobb or Babe Ruth was really a better player, that subject would mean very little to someone I was trying to teach to operate a new mechanical leg. This isn’t the biggest sacrifice I’ve had to make. I’ve also largely given up video games, and considering my first prominent writing gig was for an independent video game website, I’m still not sure if those close to me believe I’m really doing that.

I might write once or twice in my increasingly little spare time, and I’ll certainly be cheering for the Yankees and White Sox, same as I did when I started Lit Bases. For those interested, my journey can be followed through my personal blog, The Windy Nickel. I’ll always be trying to make it as a writer as well, so thank you all for reading and commenting – especially the authors who stopped by and left messages. It meant a lot.


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2 Responses to “The Post No One Wanted, Especially Me”

  1. Bill Lewers Says:

    Just a quick note letting you know how much I have enjoyed your blog over the past few years. Your reviews have been full of substance and very well written. And of course, I will always be thankful for the time you took in writing your very thoughtful review of my first book, “Six Decades of Baseball: A Persional Narrative”. Best wishes in your new endeavors.

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